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Schweppes Mixing

TVC and images produced for Schweppes Mixing campaign …

Production: LiveViewStudio
Photography / CGI:
Marko Todorovic
Production Date: January 2014
Agency: McCann
Client: Schweppes

Production: LiveViewStudio
Marko Todorovic
Production Date: January 2014
Agency: McCann
Client: Schweppes


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Financed by EU Commission, the project “TECHCOOLTOUR: Augmented Reality for Roman and Byzantine itineraries” aims to promote two historical trans-national EU cultural routes exploiting developed ICT tools and exploring new media potential in presentation of historical heritage.

The Techcooltour cross media platform represents an innovative approach that brings together traditional and new media in presentation of archeological sites, bridging the gap between physical and digital in order to enable memorable, interactive and novel experience to the visitors.

Retracing the history of influences, objectives and developments of two great empires Roman and Byzantine, which shaped the cultural landscape of Europe, the project aims at defining a common thread that links places and regions and helps represent the richness and uniqueness of European cultural identity.

Mobile app. Techcooltour, enables the visitors to use their mobile phones as pocket sized screens through which surrounding spaces become stages for extra information. Depending on their location users may find information on 40 archeological locations, spread over 4 countries layered over the camera live-view and access additional information such as images, stories and routes to the sites. The information on locations, available through Augmented Reality view reinforces the idea of wider context within each of the sites should be understood, and thus appreciated.

Twelve archeological location are marked with interactive info boards that act as markers for augmented reality content, such as 3d reconstructions, videos, virtual guides, 360 degree panoramas and so on. The 12 archeological sites themselves, and the interpretative AR layers are specifically chosen to clearly communicate the advantages AR introduces in different contexts.


Interactive experience is further extended through interactive brochures and map, and also website offering in depth information on more then 40 historical sites.

Home page map is a symbolic presentation of the Augmented Reality use in promotion of cultural heritage. Go to, drag the phone illustration over the pins and discover additional information on Roman or Byzantine sites and corresponding interactive inboards …

Within the last part of the project we also developed app for augmented reality glasses.

The project was featured at:
AWE (Automotive and Tourism) – Santa Clara, California (June 2013)
6th International Congress Cultural Heritage – Athens, Greece (October 2013)
Digital Heritage Expo – Marseille, France (October 2013)
Museums and Web – Hong Kong, China (December 2013)


Marko Todorovic, Jana Rodic
AD, IxD:
Marko Todorovic
Production Date:
2012 / 2013
Exhibition Sites:
Belgrade, Rijeka, Venice …
Project Phases:
Planning, realisation and operation
Project Duration:
12 months
Union Camere del Veneto
Regione Veneto
City of Rijeka
Archeological Museum of Istria
Museums and Galleries Ljubljana
Slovenian Chamber of Commerce
City of Rovinj
Urban Development Center
Marco Polo
EU Commission


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Augmented Reality Packaging

We developed interactive packaging design for new frozen food line. Augmented reality app for iOS / Android devices enables users to discover inspiring video recipes layered over the packages …

As a part of the project we also produced beautifully shot videos introducing specially chosen recipes for each of the frozen fruits products …

Production: LiveViewStudio
Concept, AD, Photography, IxD: Marko Todorovic
Production Date: December 2013
Client: ITM





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100 Years


We created short animated movie for 100th anniversary of hotel Excelsior in Dubrovnik.
A visual story uses a series of smooth and flowing scenes, painted in watercolor, that symbolically tell a rich history of the place.


The movie premiere was during Bryan Ferry concert on Stradun. We also made some nice shots of Bryan for Excelsior Hall of Fame …


Production: LiveViewStudio
Director: Marko Todorovic
Production Date: September 2013
Client: Adriatic Luxury Hotels

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